ROBIN - boys

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  • The smaller version for children!

    The "ROBIN" beaded bracelet is a beaded bracelet made of semi-precious stones (8MM), strung on elastic and with a square, silver-coloured bead with Q. The children's bracelet has only coloured beads and one silver bead with q. Not like the men's Robbie, which has several silver beads.

    You don't know your arm circumference?
    Below you will find a table with our sizes with the corresponding arm circumference. The bracelet is approx. 1 cm larger than your wrist circumference so that it fits nicely on your wrist.

    Children's size

    Arm circumference in cm


    13 cm circumference


    14 cm circumference


    15 cm circumference


    16 cm circumference

    Each QOSS piece is unique, carefully crafted and handmade especially for you to enjoy for a long time.

    The natural look of ROBIN makes it perfect to combine with many other bracelet designs and colours.


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