About QOSS

QOSS is an ode to Kos, the Greek island where I found peace and reflection after a turbulent period in my life. It was as if Mother Nature put her arm around me and told me it was all right..... I felt free!

More than ever, I wanted to hold on to this fine, free, pure feeling. Staying true to myself and expressing my creativity. From there, QOSS was born in the summer of 2014. Without effort, beautiful things flowed from my hands and every day I woke up happy and grateful to be able to do what gives me pleasure and makes me happy. 

Grateful I am for what the beautiful nature and the people of this island told me. Qoss stands, besides strength, toughness and authenticity, for peace, for love of yourself and your fellow man. In particular, for respecting what you work with and who you work with.

Since September 2015, we have been actively marketing our products with great joy. QOSS products are pure, original, tough, self-designed and manufactured by hand -and a lot of love- in the Netherlands.

We mainly work together with Dutch companies who, like us, have respect for nature and participate in a green production process.

I no longer work alone; I feel rich with the people around me. They are dear to me and help to shape QOSS from their strengths. It therefore feels natural to me to talk in terms of we and us.