Jewellery maintenance

You are happy with your new QOSS jewellery and want to keep it that way. Do you want to know how to take the best care of your QOSS so that it stays at its best?

Of course you love wearing your QOSS. But skin contact may cause the silver parts of your jewellery to turn yellow or black. Regular polishing with a silver polishing cloth will make them fresh and bright again.

It can of course happen that a stain appears in the leather. However annoying it may be, fortunately there are a few simple solutions for the most common stains. We have collected them here for you.

Sprinkle talcum powder on the stain, leave for four hours and brush away.

Rain splashes
Rub the leather together, or use a soft brush or chamois.

Other stains
Treat stains with diluted baby shampoo or green soap. Don't get the leather too wet and let it dry in the air.

We use leather and other authentic materials in our products. This can lead to the loss of the original colour. However, this gives our products a unique and vintage look.

The products made by QOSS are unique, handmade and produced in small quantities. Try to avoid rubbing against clothing.