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  • Discription
  • Bracelet made of natural beads, made of elastic and provided with a metal label. The silver-colored parts are made of high quality metal. MANON is available in two variants and is super light and can be combined as a set!


    Wrist size in centimeters


    16/17 cm wrist size


    18/19 cm wrist size

    • Black Stone - inspiring, grounding and accelerated thinking
    • Lapis Lazuli - insightful, helps your memory
    • Taiwan Jade - harmony, balance, prosperity and happiness
    • Quartz - uplifting and calming
    • Dalmatian stone - helps with negative energy and radiation
    • Dolomite - motivates and stabilizes
    • Jade - cleanses, protects, provides harmony and happiness
    • Turquoise - brings balance
    • Quartz - attracts love and helps to love
    • Lavender Amethyst - helps with negative energy and radiation
    • Calcite - physical, mental and spiritual development
    • Dumortierite Quartz - positivity, happiness, optimism and relaxation
    • Chalcedony - consciousness, optimism and brings light
    • Marble and Calcite - cools, calms and relieves headaches
    • Butter Jade - stimulates love, care and harmony

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